Bearing Service Life Tool

July 5, 2018
igus' service life tool allows concrete statements about the service life of additive manufactured bearings.

This free online tool can predict the service life of 3D-printed bearings.  The 3D printing of lubrication-free and maintenance-free plastic bearings made of tribo-polymers allows a high degree of freedom in product design. In addition, the products maintain a high level of wear resistance. As igus researches and develops new 3D materials for moving applications, information gathered at the industry’s largest test laboratory helps predict the service life of customized bearings for users online.


In the test lab, all iglide plastics are endlessly examined for wear and friction. igus conducts approximately 10,000 tests per year to provide the data base for the online service life calculator. In just four steps, the iglide expert system registers the individual requirements and then provides the user with a comprehensive suitability and service life analysis of iglide materials online. This precise service life calculation is available for injection-molded plain bearings and 3D-printed bearings.


With the 3D printing service, designers can produce products in just three simple steps - from configuration to ordering, prototypes or special parts for small batches - easily, quickly and at a low cost. More economical material and lower energy consumption along with quick and customized production open up enormous savings potential.


Thanks to the extensive tests in the laboratory, as with the injection molded parts, the service life of the additive manufactured parts can be accurately determined. This unique service life calculation of igus’ 3D printed bearings is incorporated in iglide Expert (