Crane Systems and Modules

June 25, 2018
TC/American Crane's catalog contains a complete range of crane systems and related crane modules.

This catalog contains a complete range of crane systems and related crane modules for overhung cranes, top running cranes, stacker cranes, monorails, specialized aviation cranes and laundry and overhead materials handling. This catalog is a great resource for planning a crane installation and presents options for moving heavy loads throughout a building and for specialty manufacturing processes and warehouses.


TC/American is a leading manufacturer of patented track carne systems and produces 4 sizes of patented rail line covering 2” up to 4-1/2” sizes. Each tee section of track is precision manufactured from specially rolled, high carbon-manganese alloy steel with a 225 Brinnel hardness and 125,000 tensile strength. The catalog presents the features and benefits of TC/American patented track versus I-Beam style track produced from mild steel and which tends to wear quickly and be prone to crowning which renders the track as non-functional. Graphics and comparison charts help crane engineers readily see and evaluate TC/American Track’s operating advantages.


While every crane is built for a specific application, TC/American offers four types of standard configurations. They include single girder, double girder, triple girder and truss cranes with many options for multiple runways and different methods of crane propulsion. TC/American supplies customers worldwide in the aerospace manufacturing and maintenance, foundry, heavy manufacturing, warehousing and laundry industries.


Individual crane system components are categorized, pictured and explained in the catalog – everything from rail lines, switches, suspension assemblies, expansion joints, track openers and more. Complex crane systems are pictured and described including crane-to-crane transfer systems with interlocks and compensating crossovers that allow bridge-to-bridge transfers. Turntable track for moving under load is also pictured and described. 


Included are application photos of real-world crane installations showing aviation maintenance platforms with telescoping lifts, laundry monorail systems, dipping crane systems, double girder 4 runway crane systems, jet engine maintenance systems and much more.