Auto-Learning Linear Module

June 21, 2018
SCHUNK's electric linear module can be mechanically adjusted with a screw.

The SCHUNK ELP linear module is the new technological benchmark for the use in modular high-performance assembly. The module is ready to go in just two steps. All that needs to be done is to adjust the end positions mechanically with a screw as well as the speed of extension and retraction using the rotary switches on the side.


The SCHUNK ELP features an auto-learn function that allows the automatic speed adjustment per the add-on weight. An LED display, integrated in the axis, signals the status of the auto-learn process to the operator. Misadjustments can be practically excluded. Since the maintenance-low 24 V linear direct drive also automatically controls the braking process, this eliminates the need of shock absorbers.


The advantage: The SCHUNK ELP is practically wear- and almost maintenance-free, and thereby robust and long lasting. Easy to integrate, easy to maintain: The ELP can be easily integrated into existing control environments, and with a few quick steps it can be combined and commissioned with mechatronic grippers, rotary- and linear modules from the 24 V mechatronic modular system from SCHUNK.


The control and power electronics are directly integrated into the module. This allows the SCHUNK ELP to be easily configured without any external controllers or additional programming. The module can be used with decentralized control via a fieldbus distributor or simply via digital signals just as with pneumatic valves, which does not require any know-how in mechatronics.


The highly flexible SCHUNK ELP boasts a repeat accuracy of ±0.01 mm, making it ideal for highly precise and demanding assembly automation. The module makes it easy to switch from pneumatic to mechatronic components.

  • Repeat accuracy ±0.01 mm 
  • No mechatronics know-how required 
  • Low-maintenance 24 V linear motor drive 
  • Mechanical end position adjustment 
  • Configuring speed of extension and retraction using rotary switches 
  • Drive and control integrated in the module 
  • Control via fieldbus distributor or digital I/O 
  • Fully compatible with every module of the mechatronic SCHUNK 24 V modular system 
  • Optionally available, electric holding brake for protection against lowering for vertical applications