An innovative permanent/removable double-coated tape, IB5121-72, offers exceptional performance for applications that require a high initial tack and permanent bond to one surface and clean removal or reposition-ability from another surface.


To achieve this solution, MACbond IB5121-72 features Mactac’s aggressive 1.2-mil XT high-performance rubber adhesive on the unwind side of a 0.5-mil PET carrier and a unique 1.0-mil low-tack removable acrylic adhesive on the liner side. The dual-performance adhesive is protected by a two-side silicone-coated 72# bleached poly-coated, dimensionally stable liner.


MACbond IB5121-72 is ideal for fastening foam and low-surface energy materials, paper and cardboard, and most felts and fabrics to surfaces that require clean removals, such as glass, plastics, and metal. With excellent handling characteristics and superior die-cutting capabilities, it is designed for many applications.


MACbond IB5121-72 is available in 54-in. rolls and features a 2-year shelf life.

Adhesive CategoryGeneral PurposeAdhesive Number593XT/MR-140Brand NameMacBondCarrier0.5 mil PETCoat Weight1.2 mil/1.0 milLength750 ftLiner Category72# White PCKStock TypeDouble CoatedWidth54 in.
  • Coat Weight: 1.2 mil/1.0 mil
  • Adhesive Category: General Purpose
  • Adhesive Number: 593XT/MR-140
  • Brand Name: MacBond
  • Carrier: 0.5 mil PET