High Power, Splicing Connectors

June 7, 2018

WAGO 221 LEVER-NUTS have expanded to include a new 10 AWG version. The lever-actuation, clear body, reliable connections and 600 V rating are still an integral part of the new version of the 221 splicing connectors that can now accommodate larger conductors.


The 221 application scope has expanded in order to provide connections for higher power and for use when laying larger wires with the goal of effectively reducing voltage drops for long cable runs. Other applications include connections to three-phase sockets, air conditioners and other large consumption devices. Additionally, they are designed for use in high-power lighting, signal systems and HVAC systems within commercial buildings. The 10 AWG 221s are also UL listed and cover these types of applications with the same convenience, safety and reliability as the original LEVER-NUTS®. For more information and a sample of 221s, visits www.wago.com/221/us. For more on the latest from WAGO, visit www.wago.us/news.