MPX 1150 & MPX 2600 Painting/Dispensing Robots

April 6, 2018

The high-speed, six-axis MPX1150 and MPX2600 robots create smooth, consistent finishes for a variety of painting and dispensing applications.


Ideal for painting smaller components, the compact MPX1150 robot has a straight wrist with a 5 kg payload capacity. It is well-suited for mounting a variety of spray guns and small bells. Its small footprint and slim arm design allow for minimum installation space. An optional location (right, left or bottom) for manipulator cable connection reduces interference with walls. The MPX1150 robot features a 727 mm horizontal reach, 1,290 mm vertical reach, and ±0.02 mm repeatability.


Ideal for automotive components and other industrial applications, the MPX2600 robot features a streamlined, upper arm equipped with mounting points to optimize hose routing. Its 15 kg wrist payload allows for mounting a variety of spray guns and large bells, while the large 70 mm hollow wrist diameter helps prevent paint and air tube interference. The MPX2600 robot features a 2,000 mm horizontal reach, 3,643 mm vertical reach and ±0.2 mm repeatability.


The MPX1150 and MPX2600 robots offer reduced interference work envelopes and can be installed close to workpieces for efficient use of floor space. Each robot can be floor, wall or ceiling-mounted for layout flexibility.  The robots feature Factory Mutual (FM) approval for use in Class I, Division 1 hazardous environments. An intrinsically safe pendant is available as an option.