Low-Manpower Saw

April 3, 2018
KASTO's automatic saw is specially designed for cutting tubes, sections and solid materials to length and for mitre cutting.

Fully-automatic, the KASTOmicut A 2.6 is a versatile swing-frame band saw for workshop use and is intelligently equipped to permit efficient, largely unstaffed operation. It features high cutting accuracy and cutting quality, plus excellent value for money.


The KASTOmicut A 2.6 is specially designed for cutting tubes, sections and solid materials to length and for mitre cutting. Its cutting range extends to 260 mm for round stock and 310 x 260 mm for flat stock. Mitre cuts are possible on both sides from -45 to +60-deg. The mitre angle is continuously adjustable, as is the cutting speed, which can be set from 20 to 110 m/min. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for users and allows work with many different materials. The necessary drive power is provided by a frequency-controlled 1.5-kW motor with overload monitoring and a highly efficient, integrated spur gear mechanism.


The KASTOmicut A 2.6 possesses numerous additional functions not available in the manual and semi-automatic variants present in the series: The tensioning of the saw blade is electrically monitored and is continuously adjustable using a manual ratchet. At the side, the saw bands are guided by mechanically pretensioned carbide glide guides. A retraction unit ensures fast blade changes. The hydraulically actuated end-to-end horizontal vices permit optimised workpiece clamping and make it possible to separate short residual lengths. An integrated sensor automatically detects the end of the material and no manual presettings are therefore necessary. Material feed also functions automatically via pendulum-mounted feed clamps with servo motor and ball screw. This permits efficient, low-manpower operation with short idle times.


A torsionally rigid, vibration-damped cast iron frame provides extremely good support for the saw blade, ensuring excellent cutting quality even with hard-to-machine materials. With its cutting accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm per 100 mm of material height, the KASTOmicut is extremely precise. The shortest possible cutting length is only 6 mm and, with a residual length of 30 mm for individual offcuts (and 60 mm for automatic operation), users can make maximum use of their material. Like all the other models in the series, the KASTOmicut A 2.6 is designed in accordance with the latest guidelines for machine safety and possesses innovative cladding that combines a light curtain and safety barrier. This ensures that users benefit from outstanding safety and cleanliness combined with optimised access on both the material infeed and outfeed sides. Other advantages include compact dimensions and high accessibility: the saw can be easily picked up by a lift truck or forklift and positioned as needed.


The SmartControl sawing machine controller is integrated as standard and ensures easy operation. All the machine functions are easy to identify and use via the coloured touch panel and the intuitive multilingual user guidance. New sawing jobs can be entered clearly and easily via the job wizard. The currently active process is displayed in detail and the machine switches off automatically when the required quantity has been reached. The controller also provides extensive job and tool management capabilities.


Individual accessories for special requirements The KASTOmicut A 2.6 also has a wide range of accessories for optimum adaptation to special conditions. Users can choose between these to configure a saw that ideally meets their needs. The available accessories include an automatic chip conveyor, a minimum-quantity lubrication system, connections for roller tracks, and additional covers and safety equipment. Because a large proportion of the parts used in the series are identical, KASTO is able to offer this band saw at a very attractive price.