Intuitive, Industrial Barcode Reader

March 3, 2018
Omron Microscan Systems, Inc.'s barcode readers provide rapid-fire decoding speed.

MicroHAWK ID-45, an addition to the MicroHAWK family that boasts new and improved lighting configurations, is optimized to capture the most challenging Direct Part Marks on all sorts of surfaces. Curved, shiny and irregular substrates pose zero problems for the advanced X-Mode decoding algorithms inside ID-45. Decoding speed is rapid-fire for dot-peened, laser-etched and ink-jetted codes regardless of size, density or contrast. WebLinkPC is the force behind the ID-45’s intuitive plug-and-play setup. The reader integrates seamlessly into production lines for electronics, medical device manufacturing and similar industries, while its extensive array of 24 LEDs makes it brighter than previous generations of MicroHAWK. TRUE Autofocus and X-Mode technology allow it to decode poorly printed and damaged codes with ease in all sorts of settings, including metal cavities.