Motors can Meet Exact Specs

March 12, 2018
ISL Products International Ltd.'s DC motor line is built for durability, efficiency, and long life.

The enhanced engineering capabilities of the DC motor line target a broad range of especially low-energy designs in which high efficiency and extremely low current are required. Built for durability, efficiency, and long life, the low current DC motors and gear motors uniquely meet the needs of battery powered equipment, and are ideally suited for use in dispensing machines, cordless power tools, medical tools, robotics, and portable instrumentation/test equipment.   Moreover, ISL’s value-added DC motors and gear motors are currently employed in an extensive range of specialized OEM applications, such as vending machines, industrial packaging machines (labeling, cutting), automated locks and doors, medical equipment, security cameras and pool chair lifts.


Besides the ability to specify precise current limitations, customers can order brush and brushless DC motors and gear motors with exact values for essentially all electrical and mechanical parameters, including voltage, speed, torque, output power, shaft configuration, overall size, and encoder type.  Motors may also be optimized to meet every applications’ special operating conditions, and are offered in a variety of configurations to facilitate optimal design flexibility.  Lead wires, connectors, pulley’s, external gears, and sub-assemblies are further available to address the needs of any specific assembly requirements.