Collars and Couplings for Food Processing

Feb. 26, 2018
Stafford Manufacturing Corp.'s collars and couplings are ideal for frequent washdown applications.

A line of collars, couplings and flange mounts have been designed with hex, square, and round bores for use in popular fruit, nut, vegetable, poultry and related conveyors and equipment.  Machined from 303 or 316 stainless steel, Nylon, or Delrin with 18-8 or SST fasteners, these USDA and FDA-approved materials are ideal for applications requiring frequent washdown.


Available as one, two-piece, and hinged shaft collars and flange mounts, stainless steel collars, couplings & flange mounts are offered in 0.25 to 14 in. I.D. sizes, depending upon material, and the Nylon and Delrin collars come in 1 to 4 in. I.D. sizes.Special bores, keyways, knurls, and other treatments are offered along with various high temperature alloys.