Dynasonics IS-4000 Open Channel Flow Meter

Dec. 5, 2017
Badger Meter's flow meter is well suited for applications ranging from flow into water treatment plants to industrial discharge and irrigation channels.

Dynasonics IS-4000 flow meter, an economical solution for a wide range of open channel flow measurement applications, accurately measures level, flow rate, and total volume of water and other liquids flowing through weirs and flumes.


Open channels are a cost-effective solution for managing varying flow rates in unpressurized systems. However, flow-through open channels cannot be measured by many common flow measurement technologies, and converting to a closed, full pipe system can be costly and too restrictive for large flow events.


The flow meter is well suited for applications ranging from flow into water treatment plants, storm and sanitary sewer systems, and effluent from water resource recovery, to industrial discharge and irrigation channels. It employs a non-contact ultrasonic level sensor to measure the water level in a flume, weir or other channel. The unit is programmed using three front panel pushbuttons, with the programming menu offering a wide variety of primary flow elements. Based on Manning's equation, the flow rate is determined according to the dimensions, characteristics, and water level of the channel. This correspondence between water level and flow rate allows for a cost-effective solution for measuring flow in angular open channels and partially filled pipes, as well as measuring volumetric contents of liquids in tanks.


The open channel flow meter easily interfaces with most supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Simple to install and set up, it sends level, flow rate, and total volume information over Modbus RTU. A robust data-logging feature with selectable intervals provides a backup of measurements in case of network outages or reporting lapses.


With an operating temperature range of -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C), the meter can be paired with the Badger Meter BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) software and AquaCUE Flow Measurement Manager system for use in utilities and water resource management. Although the device normally functions as a flow meter, it can be used for pump control based on the water level to reduce equipment costs. A rugged powder-coated aluminum enclosure protects internal components and extends asset life.

  • Size 1 to 60 in.
  • Temperature Range 20 to 140°F
  • Flow Range 13.2 to 24,381 GPM
  • Pressure Range 30 psi
  • Economical solution for open channel flow measurement
  • Simple setup for flumes and weirs
  • Easily connect up to most SCADA systems
  • Measure level, flow rate, and total volume
  • Selectable pre-programmed formulas for flumes, weirs, and other geometries
  • Non-contact ultrasonic level sensor
  • Data logging with selectable interval
  • Modbus RTU, BEACON and AquaCUE connectivity
  • Rugged IP67 powder coated aluminum enclosure