PVC Knee Boots Offer Tread Wear Indicators

Dec. 5, 2017
Tingley Rubber Corp. offers rubber boots that let you know when you have worn down half of the tread.

The flagship line of PVC knee boots is now available under the Premier G2 and Profile brands.


Other improvements include upgrading the comfort levels of the removable insoles, contemporizing the look of the boots, and incorporating the Tingley Tread Wear Indicators (TWI) in the forefoot and heel areas of the outsoles. The purpose of the indicators is to inform users (and plant managers) about the time frame to wear away half the tread. When the tread wears down to the same level as the indicator lines, users will know that they’ve worn away half the tread on their boots.


These improvements and innovations add new levels in performance, safety, and comfort to Tingley’s already wide range of protective footwear.