GIS GP1000 Industrial Hoist Motor

Jan. 10, 2018
GIS introduces an industrial hoist motor has a 60% increased lifting capacity compared to its other models.

Swiss electric chain hoist manufacturer GIS AG has expanded the lifting capacity of its GP series of electric chain hoists with the launch of GP1000, the third model in its new generation for industrial applications.


The GP series was introduced at the start of 2017 with the successful launch of the GP250/500 models. GP models replace the previous GCH series with improved performance characteristics. This includes 60% increased lifting capacity with one chain fall and a significantly increased life cycle compared to the corresponding chain hoist with the previous lifting capacity, up to four times depending on the application.


GP1000 sees the maximum lifting capacity increased to 1.6t with one chain fall. This is offered with the same service life and switching frequency as the previous model. In two-chain fall operation, the maximum lifting capacity is increased to 2.5t.


GP1000 is available as standard with a single or three-phase electric connection and offers one and two-speed models with different lifting speeds. A wide range of accessories and options, such as radio remote control, frequency inverter, operating data counter, security load hook and special controls, are available. All versions of the new generation have an extended warranty lasting for three years.


An aluminium housing and cover provides a robust construction, while a case-hardened and manganese-phosphated profile steel chain has a minimum chain safety factor of 8:1 (ISO M5/FEM 2m) and 15% higher lifting capacity with the same nominal diameter. All shaft-hub connections are constructed in a self-centring polygonal design. This means disassembly and assembly during maintenance work is carried out faster and without special tools, reducing service costs. A modular construction gives easy access to wear parts. A proven DC spring-loaded brake and dry-running slipping clutch contribute to low maintenance requirements.


With its compact and robust design, GP1000 is suitable for dusty environments as well as for outdoor usage. IP65 is included as standard and guarantees dust tightness and protection from water jets. Special products are available, including: corrosion-resistant; explosion-proof (ATEX); frequency inverter driven; handy chain and telescopic model; synchronised hoist; and low headroom version.


For specific applications, transportation of long and bulky loads is facilitated by using synchronised electric chain hoists, while variable speeds and soft running allow precise positioning of the load. The one-phase model is suited for workshops, and mobile and outdoor use. Corrosion resistance is suitable for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as waste water treatment plants and for outdoor use. An electric chain hoist with frequency inverter allows applications with high duty cycles and high switching frequency (multiple shift operation). For the wind power industry, GP1000 is an electric chain hoist that offers extreme lifting heights and high lifting speed.