860-Two Ounce Dispensing Bottle

Oct. 30, 2017
Xuron Corp. introduces their two-ounce dispensing bottle that offers three different sized dispensing heads.

The 860-Two Ounce Dispensing Bottle includes three stainless steel capillary tubes with industry-standard Luer hubs that come in color-coded sizes for controlled liquid dispensing. Featuring a white tip with 0.048-in. I.D., yellow tip with 0.025-in. I.D., and a blue tip with a 0.016-in. I.D., these pliable polyethylene dispensing bottles are self-sealing to prevent spills.

Capillary Tubes:

  • White - 0.048-in. I.D
  • Yellow - 0.025-in. I.D.
  • Blue - 0.016-in. I.D.


  • Robotics
  • Electronics