Tactile Pen Defends and Protects

Nov. 8, 2017
bellfyd offers a pen that not only writes, but can help you in emergency situations.

Have you ever feared skidding off an icy bridge, left with only a few moments to ponder if you will drown or die of hypothermia first? If you had this tactical pen, you could use the Tungsten-steel tip to shatter the windshield and turn on the LED flashlight to find your way to the surface. It also has a multi-tool that acts a s a bottle-opener, screwdriver, and wrench. Oh, yeah, and it writes, too.

PERFECT SELF-DEFENCE GEAR: You can now rest assured that you can defend yourself at any case of emergency. The tactical pen is a survival multi tool that will keep you protected. The pen is perfect for everyone no matter what their age, weight, height or sex is and it is easy to use.

MULTI-PURPOSE PEN: This is not just your regular pen. This multipurpose pen can be used as a glass breaker for emergency escapes, as a self-defence tool and as a regular round point pen. The pen is also a bottle opener, a whistle, a saw and a hexagonal wrench. The tactical pen is the perfect all-in-one tool for you!

PORTABLE AND DISCREET: The tactical pen is perfect for everyone. The self-defence tool looks just like a regular pen and it is very discreet. You can hang it on your backpack or even carry it in your pocket. The tactical pen is easily portable as it is small and lightweight.

SUPERB QUALITY AND STYLISH DESING: The tactical pen has a very discreet and modern design. Every part of the multipurpose tool is made with attention to detail and with high quality materials. The pen is made with strong tungsten steel and the surface is mirror polished for a smooth finish.