Safe and Effective Intercom Communication

Nov. 9, 2017
Lemos International Co. Inc. has teamed up with Sena Technologies, Inc. to offer users hearing protection while also offering safe communication.

The Lemos/Sena Tufftalk is the first fully Bluetooth integrated intercom device to both protect the user and to supply a clearer communication channel.


Tufftalk is an earmuff Bluetooth communication and intercom headset, and is designed specifically to meet the communication and connectivity needs of industrial applications. It sports a 1.4 km working Bluetooth range – the furthest of any product on the market today. Its sturdy design and tough manufacturing offers up to 15 hours of uninterrupted intercom communication between up to four headsets. Coupled with its seamless compatibility with other Bluetooth and two-way radio devices, including Sena SR10i which allows for wireless two-way radio communication, Tufftalk is making a name for itself.


In rough and loud environments, safety is paramount, and this is exactly where Tufftalk truly shines. Tufftalk’s secure earmuffs help protect users from harmful noise with an audio attenuation of 24dB. The ambient mode feature allows users to amplify external sounds, which generates greater awareness of surroundings so important alarms or calls can be heard while still protecting hearing.


For more active applications, Tufftalk offers an optional hard hat mount package. Equipped with HD quality speakers, Tufftalk delivers crystal clear audio that industrial mobile workers need to stay safe on busy and noisy worksites. Tufftalk features Sena’s Advanced Noise-Control technology, which limits the interference of background noise while maintaining the full volume of voice communication.


Sena’s patented Jog Dial design is glove-friendly and easy to control, while the VOX technology allows users to answer phone calls, communicate and react to voice commands, all while hands-free. Tufftalk is also compatible with a Sena App to configure settings and presets easily through any smartphone. As with all Sena units, Tufftalk is completely firmware upgradeable to ensure it remains compatible with all of the latest Bluetooth technology.

Talk time: up to 15 hours
Operating temperature: -10? to 55?C (14? to 131?F)
2-way radio compatible
FM radio


Bluetooth 4.1
Headset Profile (HSP)
Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)


Over-the-Head Earmuff Type: 24dB NRR, 31dB SNR
Hard Hat Mount Earmuff Type: 22dB NRR, 28dB SNR


Short Antenna: Up to 800 m in open terrain
Long Antenna: Up to 1.4 km in open terrain





  • Firmware upgradable
  • Study design for industrial environments
  • Optional 1.4 km communication range, or 800 km with default antenna
  • Equipped with VOX for hands-free control
  • Pairs to smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices
  • 15 hours of talk time with lithium battery or 12 hours with AAA batteries
  • Attenuation of 24dB
  • HD-quality speaker with Sena’s Advanced Noise-Control blocking external noise
  • Compatible with two-way radios
  • Optional hard hat mounting available
  • Bluetooth 4.1



  • SR10i: The SR10i 2-way radio adapter allows you to talk wirelessly with 2-way radio devices.
  • 2-WAY RADIO CABLES: Cable Accessories are available for 2-way radio devices such as Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, and Midland.