Control Gas Delivery Flow

Oct. 30, 2017
Alicat Scientific offers an easy gas regulation flow meter.

Alicat Scientific’s MCE mass flow controllers have been integrated into MDC Vacuum Products’ XpressStick MFC Gas Stick. With precision control of gas flows of up to 20SLPM and onboard display, Alicat’s MCE provides gas programming functionality to the gas connection module, which links pressurized gas inputs to vacuum chambers.


The all-in-one design of the XpressStick MFC gas stick eliminates complex hardware specification in processes which include a combination of specialty gases, pressure, precise regulation, and vacuum. Its easy programming and precise gas control system allows users to go from bottle to process in one simple step. Designed to meet ultra-high purity process requirements, the XpressStick is also offered in a stainless steel model for corrosive environments.


With the MCE’s zero warm up time, the XpressStick is ready to control process flows in just one second, with real time mass flow, volumetric flow, absolute pressure and temperature data, fully compensated for temperature and pressure. The gas module is programmed directly through the MCE’s integrated display, with easy changes to gas type using the on-board gas calibrations.


The standard gas calibration list includes 98 gases, with an additional 32 corrosive gases on the stainless steel model. Alicat’s built-in COMPOSER™ gas mixing software can be used to compose up to twenty additional custom blends using the standard gas list. Accuracy is virtually unaffected by change in gas type, and full-scale valve range is automatically recalibrated to maintain throughput ranges. 


  • Stand Alone MFC Gas Stick
  • Designed to Meet Ultra-High Purity Process Requirements
  • Fully Function and Leak Tested with Certifications
  • Upgrade Compatible for Corrosive Gases
  • Alicat MCE Mass Flow Controller for Precise Programming of Gases and Flow Rates
  • 2.75” Del-Seal™ CF Flange Connection Standard
  • Rugged Bracket for Stable Mounting of MFC, Shut-Off Valve, Tubing, and Fittings