STEGO Filter Fan Plus Series

Nov. 10, 2017
AutomationDirect introduces a filter fan series that provide two airflow systems for cooling enclosures.

STEGO Filter Fan Plus series of enclosure fans have been added to the enclosure thermal management devices lineup.


Filter fans provide economical cooling options for electrical/electronic enclosures. The STEGO Filter Fan Plus series uses a new air flap design for the air outlet. The air flaps have less resistance to airflow than an exhaust filter, which allows the Filter Fan Plus system to achieve higher airflow while still preventing the ingress of contaminants.


Filter Fan Plus enclosure fans are offered in five cutout sizes ranging from 3.62 x 3.62 in. to 11.46 x 11.46 in. with 120, 230VAC and 12, 24, 48VDC models available.


Two airflow system styles are available, with flow ranges from 7.4 to 243 CFM. The FPI system has an intake fan with filter and an exhaust grille with air flaps, while the FPO system uses an exhaust fan with air flaps and an intake grille with filter.


All Filter Fan Plus fans and grilles feature a true "no screw" mounting system using four 6-position ratchets to firmly mount the fan. Ratchets can be released should the fan need to be removed. Screws can still be used for mounting if desired and are provided. A screw drilling template is molded into the housing. Hinged covers on all fans and grilles facilitate quick and easy filter changes.


  • FPI (airflow in) or FPO (airflow out) models
  • Air flap outlet technology
  • Easy filter change with access provided via the hinged cover
  • Low noise
  • 115 and 230VAC models available
  • 12, 24, and 48VDC models available
  • (4) 6-position ratchet lever mount mechanism will accommodate wall thickness 0.039 - 0.157 in. (1 - 4 mm)