MDL15 Combustible Dust Air-Vac

Oct. 24, 2017
VAC-U-MAX introduces its compressed air vacuum for combustible dust.

The MDL15 Combustible Dust Air-Vac features the exclusive VAC-U-MAX Venturi power unit which offers the lowest compressed-air consumption on the market today. The system features a 15-gallon collection drum, and with no expensive electrical components or moving parts, the MDL15 is ideal for high volume recovery of fine powders and combustible dust.


The MDL15 features manual blow-back filter cleaning with static-conductive PTFE pre-filter and secondary cartridge filter, and static-conductive casters. Dust, debris, and fine powders are collected in “off-the-shelf” static-conductive polybags, eliminating “the mushroom cloud” that comes with drum dumping. Standard construction includes anti-sparking stainless steel in 304SS or 316SS bead-blast finish and is suitable for food environments. The MDL15 is equipped with a static conductive compressed-air hose, ATEX-certified vacuum hose, and complete cleaning tool kit assembly for floors, walls, machinery, and overhead cleaning.


The Single-Venturi Power Unit offers maximum suction power at 16 in. Hg, with a maximum airflow of 100 SCFM, requiring 35 SCFM @ 60 PSI. The suction connection is 1.5 in. diameter, with a compressed-air connection at ½ in. NPT (Female). Noise levels are below 79 DBA @ 8 in. Hg. Bonding and grounding requirements meet NFPA 77-2007 "Recommended Practice on Static Electricity".


Typical industrial vacuum cleaning applications for the MDL15 include high volume clean-up of powders and combustible dust from floors, walls, machinery, and overhead surfaces typically found in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and general manufacturing industries. The MDL15 is suitable for Class II, Division 2 environments.