DC Power Converters for Embedded Applications

Nov. 16, 2017
Murata Power Solutions has added a converter for embedded applications that is a direct plug-in replacement for TO-220.

Murata has added a 12V model to its OKI-78SR series of non-isolated switching regulator DC-DC power converters for embedded applications. The fixed single output converter offers both tight regulation and high efficiency directly at the power usage site, and is a direct plug-in replacement for TO-220 package 78xx series linear regulators.


The OKI-78SR series incorporates advanced assembly techniques and the latest fixed switching frequency technology for power conversion available today. The optional packaging configurations, safety features, high reliability, market leading figures for efficiency, thermal management, dynamic load response, industry standard package and OCP protection features offer an unmatched level of performance. 

Design features include:

  • 7-36Vin (3.3 & 5Vout), 15-36Vin (12Vout)
  • Fixed Output: 3.3 or 5V @ 1.5A or 12V @ 1.0A
  • Vertical SIP or horizontal mount, small footprint package
  • “No heat sink” direct replacement for 3-terminal 78xx-series linear regulators
  • High efficiency with no external components
  • Short circuit protection
  • Outstanding thermal derating performance
  • UL/EN/IEC 60950-1, 2nd Edition safety approvals and RoHS compliance



  • Suitable for applications that require 12V@1A with a system source in the range of 15-36Vdc
  • Protects itself and the application electronics in the event of a sort circuit
  • Provides a highly efficient alternative to a linear regulator; eliminates the requirement for a heat sink, and uses less board space



  • Suitable in a wide range of applications, including computing, networking, telecommunications, industrial, aerospace and rail
  • Ideal for any application where the ambient temperature ranges from -40 to 85°C, which has a source/system voltage in the range of 15 to 36 Vdc, and where the output requirement is for 12V at 1A