Experimental Extruder for 3D Printing

Nov. 21, 2017
MakerBot has redesigned its Experimental Extruder for an easier time changing nozzles.

Take full control of your 3D printing experience with a customizable hardware design and four interchangeable nozzles to take on multiple materials.


With a modified thermal core and a more secure thermal barrier tube, the Experimental Extruder was redesigned to make changing nozzles easier. Download and print the Experimental Extruder Jig to provide a more stable platform.


  • Designed for the advanced user looking to push the limits of what's possible with MakerBot 3D printers.
  • Push the boundaries of MakerBot 3D printing with easily-swappable nozzles and unlocked access to custom print modes.
  • Quickly switch from the reliability of the Smart Extruder+ to the Experimental Extruder to test the limits of your ideas.
  • Print existing PLA materials with the included large diameter draft nozzles and dramatically minimize your total print time.