Carrying Case Eliminates Drill Bit Corrosion

Sept. 22, 2017
Walter Surface Technologies has incorporated corrosion resistant properties into their drill bits carrying case.

Professional grade shock-resistant, extra-thick polyethylene carrying case for the Super Speed Tip (SST) drill bits offers increased durability and improved drill bit storage.


The bright orange polyethylene case withstands extreme temperature variations, and eliminates corrosion. The use of polyethylene has added malleability to the carrying case which ensures the drill bits stay seated if dropped.  Designed to protect bits from water, rust, oil, grease and other contaminants, this durable solution is available in both rectangular and round cases.


The rectangular variant is ideal for use in a shop environment where they can be easily stored in a drawer or on a shelf, while the round option is an excellent option for contractors or off-site operations. Equipped with a belt clip, the round case can be easily hooked into a belt loop and thus allows users to have drill bits easily and readily available when working outside or on a job site. Both options have drill bit sizes clearly marked on inside panels for easy identification and selection. 


  • "High flow" flute design
  • Back tapered body
  • Drills more holes, faster
  • Heavy-duty fully ground body construction
  • Special bronze SST surface treatment