Industrial Tools Catalog

Oct. 18, 2017
Enerpac has released a new tools catalog that features improved products.

An Industrial Tools Catalog, the E329, is now available in print and online for download. The catalog includes a variety of solutions and improved products for customers.


Industrial Tools Catalog new additions include:

  • Cylinders, Lifting Products and Systems section
    • High Tonnage Cylinders (LPL, HCG, HCR, and HCL-Series)
    • Hydraulic Tool Box
  • Pumps and Directional Control Valves section
    • Venturi Valve in the ZU and ZE-Series ordering matrix
    • SFP-Series Split-Flow Pump
    • EVO-Series Synchronized Lifting System
    • XC-Series Cordless Pump (includes a double acting, 4-way/2-position manual valve option
  • Pullers section
    • Sync Grip Pullers (SGM, MPS and GPS-Series)
  • Bolting Tools section
    • GT-Series Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners
    • PTW-Series Pneumatic Torque
    • ETW-Series Electric Torque Wrench
  • Heavy-Lifting Technology section
    • Updated overview of the HLT group, capabilities and product information
  • Custom Products section
    • Added to the cylinder, pump press and bolting tools


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