GLP040-070UX Series of Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck

Sept. 23, 2020

An internal combustion counterbalanced lift truck, the GLP040-070UX Series is designed for quick and easy service. It features a large access area for the engine compartment, straightforward specifications, and no computer-based diagnostics required. High-quality components along with efficient filtration and cooling help boost reliability and minimize wear and tear.


The ergonomic operator compartment offers an automotive-style layout, with a 3.5-in. LCD display and adjustable steering column for comfort and familiarity. A dual suspension drivetrain system, generous foot room, and wide view mast further enhance visibility and operator awareness to help stave off fatigue.


This 4,000 to 7,000-lb. capacity lift truck provides reliable performance in a value-driven package. Manufactured with robust components, ergonomic features, and a maintenance-friendly design, these trucks have been engineered to make lift truck ownership simple, affordable, and adaptable to meet the needs of specific applications.

  • Operator comfort
  • Stability and visibility
  • Simplified service
  • Reliability and parts availability
  • Informative, 3.5-in. LCD display
  • Generous foot space in operator compartment
  • Dual suspension drivetrain system
  • Hand parking brake lever with button greatly reduces fatigue in operation
  • Small diameter steering wheel with an adjustable steering column
ModelLoad CapacityLoad CentreLift HeightTurning RadiusEngine TypeTransmissionGLP060UX6,000 lb.2421695.7PSI 2.4L LPG/Dual FuelPowershift 1-speedGLP050UX5,000 lb.92.5GLP040UX4,000 lb.90.2GLP070UX7,000 lb.98.4