FZU Series Milling Machine

Oct. 23, 2017
Zimmerman has introduced a milling machine that offers tool and mold-making.

The demands for prototype, tool, and mold making are increasing. Only those who can supply high-quality output, quickly and flexibly, can succeed against the powerful competition worldwide. Responding to this trend is the FZU. This 5-axis gantry milling machine is not only extremely compact but, thanks to its thermo-symmetrical design and accuracy, it also provides the ideal entry point to the Zimmermann machine line with maximum productivity. Plastics, casting resins such as Ureol, and aluminum are particularly suitable for machining. Its focus is on aluminum cutting, but steel can also be machined.


The Zimmermann engineers have designed the FZU gantry machine to be thermo-symmetrical. This means that the milling spindle, guides, and other accuracy-determining components are arranged so that their heating is either compensated or can expand in uncritical directions.


The base frame consists of a steel welded construction which forms a continuous U-shape. The machine gantry’s centrally guided Z-slide has an octagonal section—and not a rectangular one like comparable machines—which makes it particularly stable.


Alongside the VH20, VH30, and VH60, the VH10 is now the smallest head in the range. Thanks to its slender design, the VH10 spindle head has only minimal interference contours. Compared to the VH12, it achieves almost double the clamping force. The VH10 is considerably more stable in operation. In order to minimize throughput times, a powerful 34 kW spindle with a maximum speed of 24,000 rpm is used in the milling head as standard.


The FZU is also the first gantry milling machine to be equipped with the innovative NXP 24-in. multitouch controller, which is already used on the FZH horizontal machining center. The door is divided asymmetrically to enable components to be easily fed to the machine.