High-Reliability Inductors for Automotive Applications

Oct. 6, 2017
TT Electronics inductors' ratings range from 3.76 to 0.19 uH.

HM73E-10 series of SMT miniature power inductors are ideal for high efficiency DC-DC applications where size is critical and their AEC-Q200 certification assures performance and reliability levels that automotive applications demand.


The inductors are mechanically robust, magnetically shielded, and have been designed to maximize the inductance value and high saturation current for better performance.  They also have a lower DC resistance and an improved, lower temperature rise performance than their predecessors and other similar inductors in the marketplace.


Currently six models are available embracing current ratings from 15 to 65 A and they are able to operate over an impressive temperature range of -50 to 155°C.  At 100 kHZ, inductance ratings range from 3.76 uH for the smallest inductor to 0.19 uH for the largest, 65 A rated unit.  All of the inductors in the series feature a small 11.5 x 10.6 mm footprint size, with a height of 5.9 mm.


RoHS compliant and AEC-Q200 certified, HM73E-10 series inductors will be of interest to system designers, component engineers and design engineers for use in automotive powertrains, engine and transmission control, hybrid electric vehicles, start-and-stop system and electric power steering applications.  Industrial applications include switch mode power supplies, automation systems and DC/DC converters.

Mounting: Surface Mount

Core Shape: ER+I Core

Inductance: 0.22µH – 4.7µH

Inductance min: 0.22

Inductance max: 4.7

Inductance Units: µH

Rated Current: 15A – 65A

Rated Current min: 15

Rated Current max: 65

DC Resistance: 1m? - 16.5m?

DC Resistance min: 1

DC Resistance max: 16.5

Function Application: Low profile, shielded inductors for DC/DC converter applications