Job Site Backpacks: Ultimate Jobsite and Low-Profile Backpacks

Aug. 15, 2017
Milwaukee Tool's job site backpacks create an easy way to transport all important hand tools and electronics while on the job.

The Ultimate Jobsite Backpack and Low-Profile Backpack provide a durable, mobile solution to transport tools, accessories, and other materials to and from the job site.


Constructed with tear-resistant material and metal zippers, the backpacks have load-bearing harnesses as well as sternum straps that help evenly distribute weight. Vertical attachment straps also make it easy to mount the backpacks on the handles of rolling bags and dollies. The reinforced base of the Low-Profile Backpack provides extra protection in an area that frequently experiences damage and the impact-resistant base on the Ultimate Jobsite Backpack also allows the backpack to stand up on its own.


Each comes with a large assortment of pockets to meet an array of tool and accessory storage needs: the Ultimate Jobsite Backpack with 48 and the Low-Profile Backpack with 22. The HARDSHELL electronics and equipment pockets on the Ultimate Jobsite Backpack are constructed of molded foam to provide protection for tablets and other personal items. A padded laptop pocket on the Low-Profile Backpack allows protected storage for items like laptops, while a quick-access front pocket has been designed for quick access. A dedicated puncture-resistant pocket on both backpacks provides a convenient storage area for sharp tools, such as jab saws, so they won’t cut up the interior of the bag. For added utility, each backpack also features a tape measure clip on the side for easy access.

  • 1680D ballistic material
  • Impact-resistant base (Ultimate Jobsite Backpack only)
  • Reinforced base (Low-Profile Backpack only)
  • Hardshell-protected electronic and equipment pockets (Ultimate Jobsite Backpack only)
  • Padded electronics sleeve (Low-Profile Backpack only)
  • Load-bearing harness evenly distributes weight
  • 48 pockets, 2 external pockets (Ultimate Jobsite Backpack only)
  • 22 pockets, 4 external pockets (Low-Profile Backpack only)
  • 46 internal pockets (Ultimate Jobsite Backpack only)
  • 18 internal pockets (Low-Profile Backpack only)
  • Sternum strap
  • Tape measure clip
  • Rugged metal zippers
  • Attachment strap for dolly’s

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