Stage Provides High Resolution

Sept. 16, 2017
Moticont offers a compact and accurate voice coil stage.

The compact HCDS-025-038-02-B1-01 Voice Coil Stage has a foot print of just 2.000 in. wide by 5.000 in. long and features a positioning resolution of 1 micron and a 0.125 in. open aperture.  This precision cross roller stage has a 0.97 in. range of motion with 1.0 lb. of continuous force and 3.2 lb. peak force. 


The zero cogging, clean, quiet, efficient, low inertia, high acceleration, high speed voice coil driven stage has a built-in home switch for accurate initialization. As the coil is fixed and the magnetic assembly moves, there are no moving electrical components to fail. Designed for closed loop servo operation, an integral quadrature optical encoder with differential outputs is included.


The stage table is equipped with 4 8-32UNC-28 mounting holes. Pre-drilled and counter-bored mounting holes in the base and a plug-and-play wired connector allows for easy integration into new or existing applications. This black anodized voice coil stage with a clear aperture is ideal for laser drilling, optical focusing, testing, laser steering, mirror positioning, scanning, oscillation, switching, applications in industrial, medical, metrology, and research fields. 


The HCDS-025-038-02-B1-01, voice coil driven stage is available as part of an XY or XYZ stage.  It can also be ordered as a complete plug-and-play system with a controller. Other sizes and models are also available.