Compact Optical Connector Reduces Size of Broadcast Equipment

Sept. 12, 2017
ensures safe, secure, and stable blind mating on-site

The waterproof (IP67-rated) MF11BMT Series circular connector offers a space saving interface with high pin counts in a rugged, small form factor that enables size reduction of broadcasting equipment, machine vision cameras, communication / base station transmission, and more.

Supporting 8K broadcasting device standards, the MF11BMT Series optical connector is compliant with the Association of Radio Industries and Business (ARIB STD-B58) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R BT.2077) standards.

Offering easy and quick assembly with water resistance, the IP67-rated MF11BMT Series optical connector has waterproof gasket O-rings and waterproof gaskets at each joint to prevent water intrusion into the connector. The connector is also saltwater spray test to 1,000 hours or more. A user-friendly bayonet lock ensures safe, secure and stable blind mating on-site.

MF11BMT Series receptacles are available in bulkhead or rectangular flange versions. A commercial MPO cleaner can be applied to clean the MT ferrule end. The RoHS complaint MF11BMT Series has an operating temperature range of -25° to +70°C.

  • Connector Type: Plug, Receptacle
  • Panel Mounting Style: Screw, Bulk-head
  • Water Resistance: IP 67
  • Cable Assembly: Yes
  • Recommended Optical Fiber: MM-50/125
  • Fiber Material: Silica glass
  • Operating Wavelength: 850,1,300 nm
  • Mating/Unmating Cycles: 5,000
  • Number of Positions: 24
  • Operating Temperature (Max.): 60?
  • Operating Temperature (Min.): -20?