Wireless Push-Button Control for Doors/Gates

Sept. 16, 2017
Viking electronics has replaced the card/card reader with a wireless push-button control for doors and gates.

LRR-4 is a four channel RF receiver with four channels of Wiegand data output. The LRT-4 is a remote control that works with the receiver and features four buttons capable of delivering separate codes. Each push-button on the remote can trigger a different output on the LRR-4 receiver.


When used with a controller the LRR-4 and LRT-4 combo is ideal for activating strobe lights, door strike/mag lock, loud ringing, alarm signals, etc. In addition to the four push-button controls, the LRT-4 remote is also a small key fob that can be scanned just like a corporate badge or door access key fob with built in credentials.