3D Printing Suite Offers Accuracy in a Few Easy Steps

Sept. 21, 2017
DP Technolgoies' ESPIRIT suite provides a high level of efficiency and accuracy.

ESPRIT Additive Suite, a comprehensive 3D printing solution that delivers high levels of efficiency and accuracy, while simplifying the time-consuming additive manufacturing process into a few easy steps, delivers machine-optimized job files and complete control of the additive manufacturing process for both direct metal deposition machines and 3D powder bed fusion systems.


For hybrid machine tools — CNC machines with additive capabilities — the ESPRIT Additive app for direct metal deposition offers integrated programming and simulation for multi-tasking, multi-function, multi-channel additive and subtractive machine tools, all integrated within the ESPRIT® CAM system.


Features of the ESPRIT Additive Suite for direct metal deposition tools include:

  • specialized trajectories for additive processes and full
  • spectrum toolpaths for subtractive processes
  • simulation and verification for both additive and subtractive processes
  • universal post processing for any CNC machine tool


The ESPRIT Additive app for 3D powder bed fusion systems is a versatile printer driver that supports the full process of additive manufacturing, from orienting the part and creating supports, to optimizing the build, slicing and nesting, to generating a job file.


Features of the ESPRIT Additive app for 3D powder bed fusion systems include:

  • A Part-to-Build workflow:
    • The ESPRIT Part-to-Build workflow allows an intermediary Part-to-Build file to be created and reused in other job files without redefining the 1 / 2 manufacturing information. This creates traceability, saves time and improves consistency.
  • Knowledge Management enables interactive problem-solving and ongoing knowledge sharing with other members of the manufacturing community
  • An additive process control app allows seamless information sharing among multiple users within a company. The app stores information including original 3D CAD files, Part-to-Build files and job files, as well as post-build information, such as user comments, build results and machine log files.
  • Thermal simulation of the build process to foresee potential part distortion
  • Optimized nesting for multi-part builds Both the ESPRIT Additive Suite apps for direct metal deposition machines and 3D powder bed systems feature the ability to work directly with native 3D CAD files.