IMx-8 Multilog On-Line Machinery Monitor

July 12, 2017
SKF USA Inc. introduces a compact system for monitoring the condition of machinery.

The Multilog IMx-8 on-line system introduces compact and cost-effective technology for monitoring the condition of industrial rotating machinery. This device offers 8 analog output channels with connectivity to mobile devices and laptops for easy configuration and monitoring. The system equips users with a 24/7 monitoring solution to detect machine faults early, integrate automatic recognition to correct existing or impending conditions, and contribute to condition-based maintenance program objectives.


Unlike its 16 and 32 channel variants, the IMx-8 takes up little cabinet space and is ideally designed for installation into instrument cabinet enclosures. Suitably housed, the system also serves space-restricted applications where instruments may need to be located as closely as possible to the monitored machinery. An app-based configuration interface is especially user-friendly, allowing for setup with little or no previous experience.


The system’s 8 analog signal outputs can be configured for a variety of sensors to ascertain acceleration, velocity, and displacement, among other parameters. Individual warning and alarm levels controlled by machine speed or load can be set for each measurement point. Built-in auto-diagnosis can check all sensors, cabling, and electronics for any faults, signal interruption, shorts, or power failure and then automatically alert when problems are found.


The IMx-8 features enhanced internal memory (4GB) to enable stand-alone monitoring and logging of large amounts of data, which can be easily accessed for analysis following a critical event. All IMx systems can run on an existing LAN or WAN and network with computers, printers, and servers, or over the internet.

  • 8 dynamic or DC inputs and 2 digital or speed inputs
  • Simultaneous measurements of all channels, true synchronous measurements programmable up to 8 analog channels
  • PoE (power over ethernet), 24 to 48V DC
  • 4GB internal memory
  • Adaptive alarm levels
  • Data buffering in non-volatile memory when communication is down
  • Stand-alone mode or compatible with SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite
  • Crash detection capability
  • Modbus capability (TCP/IP & RS 485)
  • Bluetooth configuration and data access in stand-alone mode via iOS & Android device app
  • SAT (Site acceptance test), and reports via iOS and Android device app