Cleaning Wax Ribbons Offer Convenience

June 28, 2017
Weber Packaging Solutions now offers ribbons that will clean the leader every time a new roll is loaded

Go-Mark 100 wax-based thermal-transfer ribbons make basic label printing much more economical and practical for customers using wax ribbons for their labeling applications. Feature a rich blackness for basic label printing applications, these ribbons are compatible with both coated and non-coated label materials, working well on even flood-coated color labels.


One of the best features of the new Go-Mark ribbons is the Clean-Start leader now built into the beginning of every ribbon. When loaded correctly, this will clean your label printer’s print head each time you load a new ribbon; it removes debris before it builds up on the print head. The Go-Mark ribbons also use a lower heat setting for the print head which will reduce wear and extend the life of your label printer.