ace Camera Series Gets Additions

July 12, 2017
Basler has added 20 new models of digital cameras to the ace camera series.

Twenty high-resolution camera models have been added to the portfolio the ace camera series. The ace line now includes over 120 cameras, representing the largest camera series in the industrial image processing market.  To distinguish the models more easily, the ace series will be grouped into three product lines: ace classic, ace U, and ace L.


Twelve of the 20 new cameras are equipped with the IMX253, IMX255, IMX267 and IMX304 sensors from Sony’s Pregius line. These 12 models form the ace L product line. They offer resolutions of 9 and 12 megapixels and frame rates of up to 40 fps. These cameras have brilliant Pregius image quality at high resolutions and a pixel size of 3.45 µm. State-of-the-art global shutter technology ensures distortion-free images, even at high speeds. These qualities make the 12 ace models well-suited especially for applications in highly automated 3D inspection systems.


In addition to these twelve cameras, Basler introduces eight ace models with the IMX178 and IMX226 sensors from Sony’s STARVIS line. These models join the ace U product line. Equipped with the latest rolling shutter technology and featuring high resolutions of 6 and 12 megapixels with up to 59 frames per second, they demonstrate their full potential especially in microscopy applications and less complex automation tasks in the electronics industry. The innovative BI (back-illuminated) sensor technology provides outstanding sensitivity at a small pixel size of 2.4 µm (IMX178) or 1.85 µm (IMX226). With these particularly light-sensitive sensors, the eight new ace cameras offer excellent image quality in low light conditions.


All 20 ace models are available with the proven GigE or USB 3.0 interface and conform to GigE Vision 2.0 or the USB3 Vision standard. The GigE models excel with high-performance GigE Vision 2.0 features such as PTP. The ten color models also include the PGI feature set, the unique combination of 5x5 debayering, color-anti-aliasing, denoising and improved sharpness. Basler's pylon Camera Software Suite also ensures a fast and simple integration of the ace cameras. All 20 models are available as design-in-samples. 

ace classic:

  • 29 x 29 mm
  • CMOS sensors and CCD sensors
  • GigE, USB 3.0, and Camera Link


ace U and ace L:

  • CMOS sensors
  • GigE or USB 3.0
  • Pregius, STARVIS, and PYTHON sensors
  • 30 x 40 mm