Quabbin DataMax Extreme Ethernet Cable

July 31, 2017
AutomationDirect now offers DataMax Extreme Ethernet cable from Quabbin.

DataMax Extreme Ethernet cable from Quabbin has a specially designed jacket developed to survive the many industrial hazards that commercial jackets will not. The DataMax cable jacket is pressure extruded over the cable core, "locking" the conductor pairs in place. This type of jacket construction provides very stable electrical performance, even when impacted, bent, or repeatedly flexed.


Continuous flexing cables are designed to be exposed to constant flexing during their operation while flexible cables are designed to be bent and routed in an installation then remain static. DataMax flexing cables are designed and tested for continuous flexing Industrial Ethernet applications including EtherNet/IP systems in compliance with TIA 568-C.2 Category 5e (Cat5e) and TIA 1005.


These Cat5e flexing cables are available in 24 AWG, 2 or 4 twisted pairs with color coded high density polyethylene insulation, and with unshielded or overall braid and foil shields. The FR-TPE jacket has excellent chemical, moisture, and flame resistance, and exceptional low temperature flexibility; the cables are Type CMX Outdoor - CM and AWM Style 2463 UL classified.