Surface Mirrors Minimize Energy Loss

July 7, 2017
Edmund Optics' surface mirrors ensure the reduction of energy loss.

TECHSPEC ?/20 First Surface Mirrors feature a surface quality of 20-10. Polished to industry-leading surface accuracy and quality specifications, they minimize reflected wavefront error. The coated surface is designed to face the incident light, minimizing energy loss by preventing the light from passing through the glass substrate. Manufactured using a precision fused silica substrate with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, they allow use over a large temperature range. These mirrors are ideally suited for applications that require the mirror to be mounted at a 45-deg. angle, creating a 90-deg. bend in the light path, which is used for a wide variety of precision optics purposes such as beam steering and reflection applications.


TECHSPEC ?/20 First Surface Mirrors use metal coatings with a protective dielectric overcoat layer to prevent damage of the coating from the atmosphere or cleaning and to increase reflectance in the VIS or UV regions.


 Sixteen enhanced aluminum models offer >95% average reflectance in the 450 - 650nm wavelength range.


Sixteen protected silver models provide an average reflectance of >98% at 500-800nm and >98% at 2000-10000nm. The protective coating reduces silver's tendency to tarnish for optimal durability and ease of handling.


Sixteen protected gold models provide >96% average reflectivity from 700 - 2000nm and >96% from 2000 - 10000nm for applications requiring high reflectance in the NIR and IR regions. 


  • Precision Fused Silica Substrate
  • 20-10 Surface Quality
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • available in 48 standard models
  • diameters from 10mm to 75mm
  • dimensions from 10 x 10mm to 75 x 75mm