TKSA 71 Shaft Alignment Tool

July 18, 2017
SKF USA Inc. has releases a shaft alignment tool that can be guided with an app.

The TKSA 71 shaft alignment tool is designed in a compact and durable package to deliver precise measurements for a range of alignment tasks in harsh industrial environments. Functioning quickly and intuitively using six dedicated software apps tailored for different alignment jobs, the tool ultimately achieves alignment performance in demanding conditions by providing high measurement accuracy and excellent protection against dust and water.


The tool’s simple-to-use apps (available free both for Android and iOS platforms) guide alignment processes for horizontal and vertical shafts, machine trains, and spacer shafts. All six apps feature comprehensive automatic reports, export and sharing options, instructional videos within the app, built-in tolerance guidelines, 3-D live view, disturbance compensation, and fully functional demonstration mode.


The base model of the TKSA 71 includes standard accessories for most alignment tasks and is supplied in a rugged carrying case featuring wireless in-case charging. Ultra-compact measuring units facilitate use in extremely narrow spaces and the units are completely sealed (IP67) to withstand dust and water. The tool takes 3-position (9-12-3) measurements from a distance up to 32 ft.


Additional models in this tool family include the TKSA 71/PRO with accessories such as sliding brackets, magnetic bases, and offset brackets for more demanding alignment jobs and the TKSA 71D and TKSA 71D/PRO with an additional display device, protective cover, and pre-installed apps. Both systems are ready for use without an internet connection or account setup. An upgrade kit for the base model can be ordered to meet evolving needs.


Separate apps in the portfolio can assist technicians in verifying that machines are standing evenly or allow the tool to serve as a digital dial gauge for performing customized alignments with target values.

  • Intuitive software applications, guided alignment processes, and explanatory videos 
  • Comprehensive accessories and dedicated software applications
  • Up to 32.8 ft (10 m) measurement distance, disturbance compensation, measurement flexibility, only 40-deg. total rotation, automatic measurement, and customized alignments with target values
  • Sealed measuring units (IP67) to withstand dust and water
  • Use in extremely narrow spaces
  • Wireless in-case charging