Shorten Production Time with Streamlined, 3D Printer

July 18, 2017
Solidscape introduces its accurate and streamlined, 3D printer that saves production times.

The S500 high precision 3D printer takes precision investment casting and rapid prototyping of complex geometries to the next level. Designed to produce ultra-accurate, directly castable wax patterns, the S500 along with new castable material, Midas, and dissolvable support material, Melt-I, dramatically shortens production time and can eliminate the need for expensive tooling.


The S500 is ideal for industrial casting manufacturers who produce high precision complex parts where dimensional accuracy and superior external and internal surface finishes are critical. By significantly streamlining both front and back-end processes, the S500 is designed to make the printing of directly castable parts and the creation of custom molds from wax patterns repeatable and scalable.


The S500's Solidjet Technology builds a support structure of solid wax, allowing for organic shapes with undercuts, overhangs, thin walls and interlocking parts, and producing high-integrity castings with superior interior and exterior surface finish.


Along with the printer, new materials seamlessly integrate into existing manufacturing and casting processes, avoiding the need for special burn-out schedules and equipment. Midas provides a clean burnout with no thermal expansion and is ideal for metal casting, including stainless steel, nickel and various alloys. Melt-I, the non-toxic, hand-free dissolvable support reduces stress points on shapes with thin walls and delicate details, enabling manufacturers to produce parts with intricate or complex geometries with confidence.


  • Fits seamlessly into existing lost wax investment casting production systems processes
  • Eliminates tooling time and costs
  • Provides 100% direct metal castability
  • Dramatically reduces finishing time and material waste
  • Maximizes efficiency, productivity and profitability