NewAge® Industries Expands Its Selection

Nov. 4, 2005
NewAge® Industries Expands Its Selection of Bonded Tubing & Hose Styles Now Available in Four Versatile Configurations Southampton, PA — NewAge® Industries now offers its Hot Bond® thermally bonded tubing and hose in four styles: permanent bond, strippable, Electric Hot Bond, and its latest style, skip bond. The variations provide options for new or existing machinery and equipment in a wide range of industries, such as appliances, recreational and sports equipment, food service, processing, packaging, automotive, robotics, pool and spa, medical, paint application, maintenance, and others. Hot Bond is the joining of thermoplastic tubing or hose into a neat ribbon by the use of a proprietary heat process. It uses no solvents or glues, resulting in an attractive, finished product. Hot Bond is custom manufactured to best suit each use. There are several compelling reasons for designers, service and operations personnel, and engineers to choose Hot Bond over separate, multiple tubing and hose lines. Hot Bond saves time and money during installation by eliminating the repetitive effort needed for multiple routing. It visually shows attention to detail and design while enhancing the overall quality of a product. For quicker troubleshooting, Hot Bond provides easy line tracing, which translates into saved time and expense. Hot Bond’s resulting ribbon of tubing and hose is more exact in dimension than a bundle, permitting a more compact design and avoiding messy tangles of tubing and hose. The time from order to delivery is usually quicker, too, than with custom extrusions. The four configurations of Hot Bond® address different needs and include: • Permanent bond – Offering maximum durability, permanently bonded tubing and hose will not separate without cutting tools. • Strippable bond – Provides flexibility by permitting the separation of individual tubes from the ribbon for fitting attachment or installation purposes. Tools are typically not needed – simply twist the tubing or hose at the bond and peel back. • Electric Hot Bond – Simplifies electropneumatic connections – tubing or hose is bonded to electrical wire or light-duty cable. • Skip bond, the company’s newest variation – Lengths of bonded material alternate with unbonded sections at regular intervals specified by the user. Skip bond works well in applications where push-to-connect or other O.D. style fittings will be used, as it leaves a smooth, clean surface for fitting attachment. Typical tubing materials include nylon and hard durometer polyurethane. Stock tubing or hose from NewAge Industries may be used, or custom extrusions can be produced when called for. Other custom options, such as coiled Hot Bond or attached fittings and clamps for a complete hose assembly, are available. Product-specific Web site: