Alum-Renew Cleaning Kit

Jan. 7, 2022
The Madison Chemical Alum-Renew Kit contains a gallon of VISCOCLEAN GREEN alkaline detergent, along with aluminum conditioners of varying intensities.

The Alum-Renew Kit is a combination of four cleaning and surface preparation products which remove various surface contaminants from aluminum substrates. Users can quickly and effectively remove grease, oil, metal chips, coating carbide spots, light oxides, weld marks, carbonaceous films, and similar contaminants. Each kit contains a gallon of VISCOCLEAN GREEN alkaline detergent, along with aluminum conditioners of varying intensities: ALUMA-SAFE GEL (mild), ALUMA-CLING BLUE (moderate), and TREADBRITE EDGE GEL (aggressive).


VISCOCLEAN GREEN is a viscous water-based alkaline gel for cleaning oil, grease, and a variety of other soils from vertical surfaces and overhead areas where normal solution would rapidly run off. Ideal for the removal of tenacious organic soils such as partially carbonized deposits, tarry or gummy residues, and similar heat decomposed soils. It contains biodegradable, surface active agents and emulsifiers, and it removes some paints. It does not dry to a hard film and may be scraped, wiped or flushed off with water as conditions dictate.


ALUMA-SAFE GEL is a thickened gel which is a mildly acid formulation for the cleaning of aluminum alloys, especially bright decorative aluminum.  With good detergency and rinsing properties, it is extremely effective on 5000 and 6000 series aluminum alloys and stainless steel. 


ALUMA-CLING BLUE is a moderately acidic, thickened gel formulation that is similarly effective on 5000 and 6000 series aluminum alloys and stainless steel.  It removes sub-surface stains and is ideal for cleaning embossed treadplate aluminum.


TREADBRITE EDGE GEL is a viscous gel containing a balanced blend of surfactants and acids. Formulated for use on aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and copper, it removes soil and laser scale, heat treat scale, and rust by simultaneously cleaning and brightening the surface through an etching action.

Each kit contains:

  • VISCOCLEAN GREEN alkaline detergent
  • ALUMA-SAFE GEL (mild)
  • ALUMA-CLING BLUE (moderate)
  • TREADBRITE EDGE GEL (aggressive)