Trans-A-Dock Surface Mount Loading Dock Lifts

June 28, 2017
Presto Lifts Inc. has offered a portable dock lift to increase space

Presto Trans-A-Dock Surface Mount Loading Dock Lifts have all of the benefits and advantages of a permanent dock lift without the need for pit mounting. Best for use in leased buildings, or places where permanent installation is not possible or practical, they can access a wide range of truck bed heights up to 60 in. and transfer loads to fixed height docks or to grade level.


Constructed of safety tread steel plate, they feature safety chains at either end along with a removable hand rail. Approach ramps and bridge plates also feature safety tread construction and are equipped with lifting chains. Rectangular, structural, tube scissor legs minimize deflection and allow safety handling of off-center loads. A detachable dolly jack with flip down wheels on the base frame allows the empty lift to be moved when not in use.

The Trans-A-Dock Surface Mount Loading Dock Lifts are available in 3,000, 4,000, and 5,000 lb. capacities and offered in 72 in. x 72 in. or 72 in. x 96 in. sizes with a variety of transfer configurations.

• Safety tread steel platform and bridge plate with chains
• Removable handrail / four safety chains with snap hooks
• Structural tube scissor legs
• Hinged safety restraint maintenance bars
• Velocity fuses on cylinders prevent descent if hydraulic pressure is lost
• Upper travel limit switch
• Mechanical upper travel back-up stops 
• Double wire braid pressure hoses
• Internally mounted 1.5, 115/230V, 1PH, 60Hz, TENV intermittent duty super torque motor
• Pushbutton pendant control
• 24V operating control voltage
• Controller components UL and/or CSA approved
• Detachable dolly and flip-down wheels for portability