shr661 Machine Vision Camera

Aug. 16, 2022
A 127-megapixel camera, the shr661 from SVS-Vistek features a global shutter.

The shr661 is a high-resolution camera that features a global shutter. Even on high-speed conveyor belts, the 127-megapixel CMOS global shutter sensor ensures distortion-free inspection of complex objects including solar panels, flat panel displays, printed circuit boards, and semiconductor wafers, among others. The camera is available with either the powerful CoaXPress-12 interface that transmits 17 frames-per-second (fps) at full resolution or a 10GigE interface model for up to 6.5 fps.


The camera achieves good stopping power of fast-moving objects, avoiding motion blur and artifacts since its full pixel array is exposed simultaneously by the global shutter, rather than line-by-line.


The highly advanced thermal management system ensures stable temperature distribution on the sensor and therefore, consistent image homogeneity with good dynamic range. Flat Field Correction and Defect Pixel Correction can be adjusted by the user to meet their respective lighting and application requirements. Multiple inputs and four power-out outputs support precise triggering as well as sequencers and logical operators. The camera can be operated with 8, 10 or 14-bit color depth for further versatility.


SVS-Vistek shr661 cameras are GenICam complaint with the GenTL interface to enable easier integration into all major machine vision software packages.

  • High resolution with large pixels and an optimized image rate
  • Progressive scan / global shutter CCD from ON Semi
  • Rolling shutter CMOS sensors from Sony
  • Mono and color (Bayer pattern, auto white balance)
  • 512 MB internal image memory
  • Custom defect pixel correction
  • User definable lens shading correction
  • ROI, look up table, binning, gamma, offset
  • Compatible with GenICam
  • Shutter speed: manual / auto / external trigger
  • Integrated multi channel LED strobe controller
  • Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, programmable logic functions, sequencers and timers, RS232
  • Numerous M72 lens adaptors for virtually any industrial lens