WLS27 Series LED Strip Lights

Jan. 24, 2018
Banner Engineering Corp.'s LED strip lights provide even illumination throughout an area for improved productivity.

WLS27 Multicolor LED Strip Lights with EZ-STATUS perform both illumination and indication functions for machines and workstations.


The latest additions to the WLS27 Series feature LEDs in multiple colors that both illuminate work areas and provide status indication with one device. Bright, even illumination increases visibility throughout an area, which helps improve productivity, efficiency, and safety. Any change in light color is a clear visual alert that can be seen even when operators are looking down or distracted, enabling faster responses to status changes.


WLS27 Multicolor Strip Lights are available in three and five-color models in combinations of white, red, yellow, green, and blue. They can be used on a wide range of equipment, in work areas, and in any location that would benefit from high-visibility illumination and indication.


They come in four lengths, from 285 to 1,130 mm, and have a space-saving design for use in tight spaces. The lights use a standard 4-pin M12 connector and have multiple mounting options for simple installation. Cascadable models can be powered from a single source, making it easy to quickly deploy and power multiple lights.


Like other LED light fixtures in the WLS27 Series, multicolor models with EZ-STATUS feature a durable aluminum internal structure and a shatterproof, UV-stabilized, polycarbonate shell for operation in challenging environments. Every strip light in the WLS27 Series has a rugged IP66, IP67, and IP69K construction suitable for use in applications where exposure to high-pressure, high-temperature water, solvents, and corrosive chemicals is common.


  • Three and five-color models available
  • Available in four lengths from 285 to 1,130 mm
  • Integral 4-pin M12 connector and ability to daisy chain power
  • Rugged, water-resistant IP66, IP67 and IP69K construction
  • Chemically resistant copolyester housing 
  • Optional brackets and clips for easy installation and repositioning
  • Cylindrical shape design, ideal for laminar airflow applications