High-Resolution Portable CCD Microinspection Tool

Dec. 1, 2005
High-Resolution Portable CCD Microinspection ToolAvailable from Moritex the third-generation MS500C Micro-Scopeman is a high-resolution integrated video inspection tool suitable for a wide range of real-time inspection and QA tasks. Integrating advanced optics, fibre optics and CCD components into a unique CCD microscope system the MS500C provides a magnified image of an object on a TV or video monitor simply by pointing at the target. Traditional optical microscopes insist that you bring the subject to the microscope. With the MS500C, you have the flexibility in function to bring the microscope to the subject. The flexible handheld MS500C incorporates both high resolution (752 x 582 pixel) CCD camera head and fibre optic lighting for fast and simple acquisition of the perfect image with unrivalled depth-of-field. A range of rapidly interchangeable fixed magnification and zoom lenses are available to suit most contact and non-contact applications. Options include automatic light intensity control and fine adjustment of the CCD camera controls. A separate strobe light source is available for capturing very fast moving objects. Affordably priced the MS-500C is extremely easy to use. Typical applications for the MS500C include inspection and quality assurance of precision enginered parts, insitu restoration / conservation of textiles, medical / forensic examinations and on-site inspection of plant and process equipment.