Two-For-One Switches Make Saving Space as Easy as the Push of a Button

Dec. 22, 2005
Two-For-One Switches Make Saving Space as Easy as the Push of a Button Smart Products. Simple Solutions. Sunnyvale– IDEC Corporation is thrilled to introduce the addition of HW7 Dual Pushbutton Switches to its HW Series. Unique to this series, these switches are dual pushbutton operators for your off-on or up-down applications. In anticipation of our customer’s needs, we offer the HW7 with a Momentary or Mechanical Interlock option. Interlock-types prevent the operator from pressing both buttons simultaneously and activating two contacts at once. Another great feature of these switches is that they come standard with a center pilot light. Available in full voltage and transformer types illuminated with LED or incandescent lamps, it’s easy to find the one that best fits your application. Keeping with our HW standards, safety and ease-of-use were of paramount concern in the development of this line of switches. The HW7 series uses finger-safe contacts and has a removal contact block adaptor with safety lock for easy installation. And in continuing our commitment to high-quality products, these HW7 switches are CSA approved; CE and TUV marked, and UL listed. HW7 switches feature IP40 protection (IP65 protection when using an optional, silicon cover). Speci?cations Operating Temperature: –25 to +60°C (no freezing) (LED illuminated type: –25 to +55°C) Storage Temperature: –40 to +80°C Operating Humidity 45 to 85% RH (no condensation) Contact Resistance 50 m? maximum (initial value) Insulation Resistance 100 M? minimum (500V DC megger) Dielectric Strength Without pilot light: 2,500V AC, 1 minute (between live and dead metal parts) With pilot light Full voltage type: 1,000V AC, 1 minute (between live and dead metal parts) Transformer and DC-DC converter types:2,000V AC, 1 minute (between live and dead metal parts) Shock Resistance Damage limits: 1,000 m/s2 Operating extremes: 100 m/s2 Vibration Resistance Operating extremes:5 to 55 Hz, amplitude 0.5 mm Mechanical Life 500,000 operations minimum Electrical Life 500,000 operations minimum Degree of Protection IP40 (IP65 when using HW9Z-D7D rubber boot)