Quincy, MA: Vision290 combines a high-performance PLC with a versatile embedded touchscreen interface. Display can be used for graphs, user-designed or imported images, text, and variable data, displayed according to run-time conditions. Available snap-in modules provide an on-board I/O configuration, expandable to 171 I/Os. Unitronics Industrial Automation, (866) 666-6033PLC • Supports up to 171 I/Os via Snap-in or Expansion Modules (number/type vary according to model) • I/O types: Digital (including shaft-encoder inputs & PWM outputs), Analog, & Temperature/weight measurement • Application memory: 1000K • Execution time: 0.5µsec for bit operation • Multiple built-in PID loops, including auto-tune • Data Tables: 120K (RAM) & 192K (Flash) for dynamic data logging and production recipes HMI • Display ‘touchable’ images, text and graphs according to real-time conditions and historical values • ‘Touch’ properties can be assigned to all text and graphic on-screen elements • Data entry/modification via keypad • Up to 255 user-designed displays • 24 variables per display; link up to 150 images/messages to each variable • Use hundreds of images in one application • Graphic display screen: 5.7”, 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA) • LCD illuminated screen • Virtual keyboard • Info mode: view/modify I/O status, integer values, and system data via the panel Communications • RS232 port • RS232/RS485 port • Ethernet/additional RS232/RS485 port (optional) • GSM/SMS support • Remote access via network GPRS, GSM, CDMA or landline modems • MODBUS (master/slave) • CANbus and UniCAN • OPC/DDE server • Additional communication protocols Our HMI/PLC programming software and software utilities are free to all Unitronics clients.