Baldor TS400 Mobile Power Generator

Jan. 20, 2006
“Offering Baldor mobile gensets in a range from 25kVA to 400kVA increases our ability to serve a wide variety of customers requiring back up power, from...

“Offering Baldor mobile gensets in a range from 25kVA to 400kVA increases our ability to serve a wide variety of customers requiring back up power, from telecommunications to prime power to standby applications, and the new TS400 will open new market areas and new potential end users,” says Al Larson, director of generator sales at Baldor. “In addition to the new TS400, Baldor introduced two new models to its existing line— the TS35 and TS60—which offer 35kVA (30kW) and 60kVA (49kW) of standby power, respectively. With nine stock models in the mobile power generator line Baldor offers customers the right product for the job.”

Roddy Yates, generator marketing manager at Baldor agrees that versatility is the key to making mobile generators attractive to all kinds of end users. For example, Baldor provides 80 and 175kVA mobile power generators to the telecommunication industry in several regions of the country and to run pump stations for municipal water treatment facilities. “Each application has a specific power requirement, and as the manufacturer we recognize the value of offering options to meet different complex applications. The TS400 has the following ratings: at 400kVA the unit produces standby power of 320kW and as a prime power rating, it is designed to give 365kVA providing 292 kW of power.”

Some features the TS400 has as standard include the ability to deliver multiple voltages using a voltage change over board for either single phase or 3-phase configuration. Single-phase receptacles are powered during all main voltage configurations. The TS400 has an electronic engine for more accurate frequency regulation. Accurate, stable frequency regulation is a must in the computer world. The same is true for special events because amplifiers, microphones and lighting require stable frequency. Auto start is another feature included on this unit. In tandem with a transfer switch, auto start allows for remote starting and ensures a smooth transition of power when utility power is interrupted and the generator comes on to supply power for the loads selected. In addition to the above features this models includes our latest in environmental protection including a 100% containment basin under the engine and the engine is certified to the EPA Tier Three emissions levels.


The new Baldor TS400 has numerous other standard features that make it one of the most versatile units offered to customers. An industrial plant or small business that wants to guarantee it has power at all times will want a generator with the power and performance and capability that the new Baldor TS400 unit offers.

• Manufacturer - John Deere • Model - 6135HF485 • Cylinders - . 6 • Induction system- Turbocharged, Charge Air Cooled • Displacement, L (cu. in.) - 13.5L (824) • EPA Emissions Level - Tier 3 • HP @ rated speed - 538 • RPM - 1800 • Bore and stroke- 5.2” x 6.5” • Lubrication capacity (with filter) - 49 Qts • Battery recommendation (min. cold cranking amps). - 2X725