The Chameleon S.series Keypad Adapts to Match Surroundings

Jan. 20, 2006

Not only is the S.series keypad range from EAO highly aesthetic, tactile and therefore reassuring to use, but it is also extremely rugged. EAO’s S.series keypad range features a front plate and anti-pull-off keys constructed from Zamak that deliver a high level of vandal-resistance. This makes it ideally suited for applications located in either outdoor or unsupervised environments. If poor lighting conditions exist, EAO can also offer the additional option of LED key illumination in blue, red, yellow and green.

The S.series keypad range is tested for quality and certified according to the latest international standards. It is protected and sealed to IP67 and is tested to 4 million operations. This benefits end applications in terms of life costs related to product reliability, including a reduction in maintenance costs.

The S.series keypad can be ordered with laser engraved legends selected from either the wide variety of standard legend sets, or customer defined legends.

Available with either 12 or 16 keys, and in a choice of standard, telephone, or hexi-decimal II configurations, the highly adaptable features of the S.series makes it ideally suited to meet the needs of public self service applications including indoor and outdoor beverage and snack vending machines and dispensers, as well as access control and public telephones. EAO’s high quality and reliable S.series keypads are readily available with pricing starting at slightly over ­­­­­$65.00 per unit in small quantities.• Front size 63 x 82 mm 82 x 82 mm • Front protection IP 67 • Illumination LED