Touted as industry’s first asynchronous dual-edge PWM controller, the NCP5381 is ideal for motherboards, VRM modules, and graphics cards where fast transient response and advanced power management are vital. ON Semiconductor, Phoenix, AZ * Dual-Edge PWM for Fastest Initial Response to Transient Loading * High Performance Operational Error Amplifier * Supports both VR11 and Legacy VR10 Soft-Start Modes * Dynamic Reference Injection (Patent Pending) * DAC Range from 0.5V to 1.6V * +/- 0.5% System Voltage Accuracy * Remote Temperature Sensing per VR11 * Remote Temperature Sensing per VR11 * 2,3, or 4-Phase Operation * True Differential Remote Voltage Sensing Amplifier * Phase-to-Phase Current Balancing * Lossless Differential Inductor Current Sensing * Differential Current Sense Amplifiers for each Phase * Adaptive Voltage Positioning * Fixed No-Load Voltage Positioning at -15mV * Frequency Range: 100kHz-1.0MHz * Latched Overvoltage Protection (OVP) * Threshold Sensitive Enable Pin for VTT Sensing * Power Good Output with Internal Delays * Programmable Soft-Start Time * Operates from 12V * Low Voltage, High Current Power Supplies