New 2-Finger And 3-Finger Servo-Electric Grippers

Jan. 4, 2006

SCHUNK introduces a new series of servo-electric grippers, EGN 100, a 2-finger parallel type and EZN 64 of the 3-finger centric type. The basic principle of these two servo grippers comes from their proven pneumatic counterparts PGN+100 and PZN+64. Due to the integrated servomotor and encoder for position feedback, the grippers can be actuated in either a force or positioning mode and allows for adjustment of the gripping force, position or speed.

The EGN & EZN have an external controller that is supplied with 24V DC and can be controlled by a CAN-bus or RS 485 communication interface. This controller also has a digital control input making it easy to integrate it to an existing application without the CAN-bus or RS 485 communication capability capabilities. The EGN 100 gives a stroke range of up to 20mm and a grip force of up to 600 N (135 lbf). The EZN 64 has a stroke of up to 12mm and a grip force of 500 N (112 lbf).

With the capabilities of the EGN & EZN servo grippers you can improve a wide range of processes. The position feedback of the encoder allows you to sort parts while transporting them instead of having a separate measuring operation determining the part size. Typically on robotic applications, the end effector is the only component that requires a pneumatic supply and valve to actuate it. The EGN or EZN will eliminate the need for air in these applications. The EGN & EZN is a great addition to the growing electric product offering of SCHUNK.

• Stroke per finger mm [in] : 6.0 [0.236] • Constant gripping force (100 % continuous duty)N [lbf] : 220.0 [49] • Max. gripping force N [lbf] : 500.0 [112] • Min. gripping force N [lbf] 70.0 [15.7] • Weight kg [lbs] : 0.98 [2.16] • Recommended workpiece weight kg [lbs] : 2.5 [5.51] • Closing time s : 0.25 • Opening time s : 0.25 • Max. permitted finger length mm [in] : 80.0 [3.150] • Max. ambient temperature °C [°F] : 55.0 [131] • Repeat accuracy mm [in] 0.01 [0.0004] • Max. speed mm/s : 40.0 • Max. acceleration mm/s : 2 2137.0